Senator MC is pushing to lift restrictions on breweries

The last few years have seen a flurry of rules, restrictions, restrictions, etc., putting a strain on local breweries in New Jersey and, to say the least, stressful for those who work at these locations.

There may be some help in alleviating the financial and economic pain and burden facing New Jersey breweries, thanks to some legislation passing through Trenton’s state capitol. .

One is a bipartisan bill aimed at easing restrictions placed on breweries by the ABC (New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control), announced in a statement by Monmouth County State Senator Bin Gopal.

Senator Gopal (Democrat) supported the bill by fellow Monmouth County State Senators Declan Oscanlon (Republican), Senator Linda Greenstein (Democrat-Plainsboro), and Rep. Clinton Calabrise (Democrat-Cliffside Park). Participating in joint proposals, they hope to: Relaxing ABC restrictions on breweries, including limiting the number of onsite events that can be held during a calendar year, banning New Jersey breweries from partnering with local food vendors and banning brewing and sales Do coffee.

“New Jersey is home to a vibrant craft beer industry, and the state should seek to foster that growth rather than stifle it,” Senator Gopal said in a statement. It provides a more equitable regulatory framework for craft breweries and facilitates collaboration between breweries and other homegrown producers in the state.”

“While I understand the concerns of fully licensed bars and restaurants, the lack of enforcement of these far more restrictive rules is evidence that the threat to fully licensed establishments is insignificant. O Senator Scanlon said in a written statement. We’re punishing and restricting too quickly, especially here in New Jersey, and we should be leaning in a different direction, and our bill will help realign the system to be fair for everyone. .”

New Brunswick City Center Youtube/Townsquare Media Photo Illustration

New Brunswick City Center Youtube/Townsquare Media Photo Illustration

In a written statement, Senator Greenstein said, “This ruling places an unfair and undue burden on brewery owners, staff and patrons.” It plays an important role in the history and future of our state’s cuisine, and I am committed to passing common-sense legislation to support our growing craft beer industry.”

“The ABC restrictions are unnecessarily hampering breweries in New Jersey,” Rep. Calabres said in a statement. “Our brewery not only generates jobs and tax revenue, but also acts as an anchor business, drawing patrons to Main Street and providing business opportunities to support local artists and vendors at brewery events. .”

Senator Gopal said Senators Andrew Zwicker (D-South Brunswick), Patrick Deignan (D-South Plainfield) and Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) also jointly endorsed the bill.

in the meantime, Cape May and Cumberland County Senator Michael Testa (R-1) introduced his own bill. This essentially eliminates some of the micro-management and oversight and gives the brewery more control.

Senator Testa described his bill as follows: S-3042, “We have amended the current law to allow holders of restricted brewery licenses to engage in an unlimited number of on-site special events, subject to permits, and up to 18 off-site special events per year. , eliminates the requirement that license holders provide tours to consumers prior to serving alcoholic beverages for consumption in licensed establishments.

The bill would also establish a winery-brewery sublicense that would allow wineries to produce malt alcoholic beverages that they retail to consumers for consumption outside of their licensed premises, and that new licensees could sell those same alcoholic beverages. Establish a farm brewing license that allows you to manufacture and sell beverages. .”

Beer tasting in a wood-themed room

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“I think brewers building businesses in our state deserve to have more say in how they run their businesses because the term ‘free enterprise’ applies to them as well.” Senator Testa said in a written statement, “I look forward to working with my colleagues and other members of Congress to end these bureaucratic roadblocks and fix our dysfunctional system. We need to enable entrepreneurs to innovate and experiment in order to succeed in our free enterprise system.The famous sign on the bridge reads “Trenton Makes, the World Takes.” We need to enable our brewers to produce products and thrive in the same spirit. “

Source Farmhouse Brewery

Source Farmhouse Brewery

New Jersey Senator Stephen Orojo (R-24), co-sponsor of the Testa Senate bill, said in a written statement, “Small brewers across the state make a significant contribution to the economy of New Jersey. We’ve created jobs, created jobs, and helped revitalize our downtown districts.” “Recent regulatory changes have prevented local brew pubs from attracting customers and generating revenue, and this bill would remove some of the new restrictions. We should, and not crush them with unreasonable rules.”

Credit: Chris Varacchi

Credit: Chris Varacchi

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