Senior care companies highlight the importance of independent living

Caring for loved ones later in life can be difficult for any family. In this Healthy Aging Month, a company wants people to know they have choices.

Rita Mazzarello of Assisted Living Services, Inc. in Westport said:

About 17% of the state’s population is now over the age of 65, and many are living longer, according to experts. So sometimes it gets to the point where families have to start thinking about what to do next.

Mazzarello says more and more seniors are living at home with the help of their services, especially since COVID.

Caregivers come to homes to provide essential services to older people, such as bathing, cooking and cleaning, and social assistance.

“Older people live much longer, which is why it is more cost-effective to stay in their own homes. Assisted Living Services provides caregivers to help them with dignity and respect.” says Mazzarello. .

Assisted Living Services, Inc. is one of the state’s oldest home care services. We consider providers to be like family. The company says its services are covered by insurance.

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