September’s January vibes, a new creator economy and a quiet ‘homecoming’ moment

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S.Some suggest that September is the new January. Or, at least, the first week of September might feel like New Year’s resolution time. new school year. new season. A new start with the setting sun in summer.

But it’s not just the chill in the air and the back-to-school photos on social media. Research shows that there’s really something to be said for what’s known as “temporary landmarks,” the power to distinguish some days more meaningfully than others. Days like this, such as New Year’s Day, birthdays, or the Tuesday after Labor Day, provide what’s known as the “Fresh Start Effect” to help you set and achieve new goals.

September begins the countdown to the end of the year. This is your last chance to achieve at least some of the goals you set for the year. Whether he’s trying to rebuild his career, look for a new job, or reduce stress at work, this year is a great time to reaffirm his determination that went sideways before the end of January. It’s the right time. So think about what goals you’re still working on and how you can reach them. Even if you’re a recent college graduate and still don’t know what to do, reconsider your professional life. September is actually the best month to look for a job.

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