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Shaquille O’Neal loves buying gifts for his fans.

The Los Angeles Lakers legend loves to create meaningful moments for his supporters, especially children, by giving them little gifts.

The 50-year-old basketball player told PEOPLE magazine:

Shaquille says his “favorite thing” is to buy things that small children have been eyeing in the store.

He said: “My favorite thing to do is when I’m at Best Buy, Walmart. When I find a kid, I get what I see him looking at. Oh, like yesterday In the meantime, I saw some kids on bicycles, and a few more scooters.”

The founders of the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation include Shareef, Shaquille, Amirah and Meara with his ex-wife Shawnee, and son-in-law Miles and daughter Tahira with ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yardberg. I have four children. to do so.

Shaquille said: a lot of money. can i buy something? ”

The former Boston Celtics player also recalled “another really meaningful” moment in Texas between buying an absentee woman a plate of food and her reuniting with her family.

Shaquille said:

He continued: she. ‘They tried to get her to help. She didn’t want to ask for her help, so she’s still there. But at least her sister knows where she is.’ Something like, I never record it. ”

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