Shia LaBeouf admits to ‘defaming’ his father | Entertainment

Shia LaBeouf “defamed” his father in “Honey Boy”.

The 36-year-old actor has admitted that his portrayal of his father in the 2019 film was “fucking nonsense.”

Shire, who played a version of his own father in the film, said: Yeah, she’s dizzy, sure, but she’s never been without affection and wasn’t there.

“He was always there…and I did a world press tour of how f******** he was as a man.”

The Hollywood star admitted that he “misunderstood” his father with the movie and how he handled the situation.

Shire said on the Real Ones podcast: And he was like, “I never read anything like this in the script you sent.” Because I didn’t put that s*** in there. “

Sia actually cheated on her father to make the film.

And now he admits that his portrayal was unfair and inaccurate.

Actor said:

On the other hand, Shea recently admitted to being completely immersed in her Catholic faith.

He explains:

“I consider myself an immersive actor, but method acting stinks. It’s kind of douchy, kind of mean.”

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