Sold Carew Tower in Cincinnati

Carew Tower in downtown Cincinnati

After months of delay, the downtown landmark Carew Tower has been sold.

Greg Power, who owns the iconic 49-story office and retail tower at 441 Vine Street, told a bankruptcy judge in March that he signed a sale and purchase agreement with a new owner that would settle all matters. I talked about it first. The matter of the foreclosure lawsuit filed against him and his company, Carew Realty Inc., in October 2021, reported The Enquirer.

Power was facing foreclosure for failing to pay a $9.7 million loan and owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid utility bills, according to court documents.

Who Purchased Carew Tower Cincinnati?

The sale of the office towers was originally scheduled to close in April, but Power asked Hamilton County Court of General Appeals Judge Tom Heekin to extend the deadline for responding to the foreclosure lawsuit six more times. August 15.

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