Some Columbia Public Schools sports teams are looking for drivers for sporting events

Columbia, Missouri (KMIZ)

Some Columbia Public Schools sports teams are asking for help getting kids to and from sporting events this year.

Battle High School Athletics Club Tweets Wednesday is for people applying as bus drivers for activities and field trips.

Hickman then replied to the tweet On Wednesday evening, he claimed he needed more bus drivers for the sports day.

On Thursday, ABC 17 reached out to Hickman’s football coach to see what his team was up to. On Thursday afternoon, Hickman’s coach confirmed by text his message that the issue had been resolved.

Now, the district has already spent more than $3,000 on Colombian bus company Mo-X to bring some sports teams to away games.

And like other bus companies, MO-X expects to see more requests for assistance this fall.

According to Mo-X owner Norm Ruebling, the company’s shuttle service works closely with local sports teams, and demand always spikes as schools begin to prepare in August. The shuttle company already runs him 10 round trips a day from Columbia to St. Louis, and it could get even tougher when school starts.

ABC 17 has reported a statewide shortage of bus drivers for the past two years, attributed in part to the coronavirus pandemic, but the problem has been blamed on Mo-X. does not seem to affect Ruebling said the company’s team can hire new employees at any time, but it has enough staff to cover the busy season.

This means that sports teams may not be affected by transportation shortages, nor may students on school trips.

ABC 17 also tried to contact Student Transportation of America, but did not receive a response.

CPS spokesperson Michelle Baumstark responded to an email this evening saying the department is also working to ensure everything is in place for this 2022-2023 school year.

Michelle Baumsterk said in an email Thursday, “We are working with STA to make sure we have everything covered for the upcoming school year. Great for all students, families and employees. I would like to make it a year old.

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