Soul Food opens huge new restaurants, playgrounds and karaoke bars this fall

Soul Food opens huge new restaurants, playgrounds and karaoke bars this fall

Soul Food Meat Company’s new Optimist Park location.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

Soul Food Meat will open its second store in Optimist Park this fall.

Owner Tim Chun says he’s aiming for an October opening.

Important reasons: With a splash zone, playground, dog park, multiple dining rooms and five karaoke rooms, the new Seoul aims to be a destination for parents, dog owners, colleagues and friends.

Soul Food Meat Co., Ltd.

The splash zone and stage area are outdoors.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

Flashback: When he opened his first soul food in the South End in 2016, Chun had a hyperactive dog. “I created a dog park so I can have a drink with my dog,” he laughs.

  • At that time, places like Lucky Dog (bars where you can bring your dog) were just starting to pop up around town.
  • Now that Chun has kids, his business outlook hasn’t changed much. “I can still take my kids to the park and I can still drink,” he said of the new location.
Soul Food Meat Co., Ltd.

Soul food also has it. children’s playground.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

Soul Food Meat Co., Ltd.

Like the original location, there is also Doe Park.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

menu: Seoul Food Meat Company, a Korean BBQ restaurant, will have a menu similar to the original and “lots of beer,” Chun said. In the main ordering area he counted 40 taps.

  • Apart from the main ordering area, there is a karaoke area with a bar and an outside concession stand and bar.

The main difference between both Soul Foods is how the food is ordered. Unlike the South End location, the new location has no servers and a cafeteria-style ordering process. “By the time you get to the end of the line, your food will be ready,” Chun explains.

Soul Food Meat Co., Ltd.

The blue tape on the floor is where patrons line up to order food.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

Soul Food Meat Co., Ltd.

Karaoke booths can be reserved in advance online.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

Soul Food Meat Co., Ltd.

Each karaoke booth has a different color theme. About 25 people can stay comfortably.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

detail: The new Soul Food, located at 2315 North Davidson Street, sits on 15,000 square feet and has an additional 12,000 square feet. it is massive.

  • As Axios’ Emma Way reported, it’s part of a converted former factory. An adaptive reuse project, including a food hall, called Lintmans, was first announced in 2020.
  • And, as Emma pointed out, it spans three different neighborhoods: Optimist Park, Villa Heights and Noda.
  • Parking is scarce relative to the size of the space, but the venue is connected to a trail that exits at the 25th Street light rail station.
Soul Food Meat Co., Ltd.

This large karaoke room can be rented out as a separate event space. It has its own bar and bartender.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

What’s next: Chung wants to host an event at Soul Food every weekend once it opens. Clarified – like a cookie baking competition.

Soul Food Meat Co., Ltd.

This hallway leads to another dining room, a karaoke booth, and two more bars.Photo: Laura Valero/Axios

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