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America’s most famous furniture salesman is known for making outrageous multi-million dollar bets on sporting events. Jim McIngvale is about to launch to sell more furniture.

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Jim McKinvalea 71-year-old Houston furniture entrepreneur, famous gambler Known as “Mattress Mac”, Launched sports news website that he promises To be “the one-stop-shop for all things Texas and Louisiana sports.” McIngvale says he’s interested in publishing good journalism, but as central to everything he does is that Gallery Sports helps him sell mattresses in his Gallery Furniture store. I hope

“I’m a promoter,” says McIngvale. “I’ve come up with a lot of wild and crazy ideas, many of which end in failure, but some of them are home runs.”

Mack doesn’t sell ads yet, but says it will if the site publishes good content and gets enough traffic. “We expect to eventually be able to sell ads and make money, but six months to a year he will last,” he says.

McIngvale, which owns the three-store Gallery Furniture chain in Texas, Bet to Grab Headlines decades.But his bet $9.5 million wager on the Cincinnati Bengals to beat the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI In February—a hedge against his big promotion. During the Super Bowl, before kickoff, he offered customers who purchased $3,000 mattresses or recliners a full refund if the Bengals won. Cincinnati gambled millions of dollars and lost. But it’s not all bad. He sold his $20 million worth of furniture.

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He may be an all-American huckster, but the economics behind McKingbale’s astronomical bet Healthy. Mack’s promotions and sports bets have helped him grow the business he started with his wife Linda in 1981. In 2019, the gallery made his $164 million in revenue, and by the end of 2021, sales had increased nearly 40% to $230 million.

Gallery Sports employs dozens of contract employees, including former employees. houston chronicle Sports reporter McIngvale says he has invested $500,000 in his new media venture.

Ultimately, McIngvale plans to launch a second site, Gallery Gaming, focused on another passion, sports gambling. The site publishes odds, analysis and, of course, stories about his betting. He doesn’t sell picks like certain sports betting hustlers. “I don’t believe in selling picks. It puts people in a bad position,” he says. The site will cover sports in Texas and Louisiana, but he wants to expand it to national and global reach. “We walk before we run,” he says. . “But at big events like the World Cup, you probably do a lot.”

Over the past 15 years, McKinvale’s biggest bet has been winning the 2019 World Series with the Houston Astros. He invested a total of $17 million in his hometown team and lost when the Astros lost to Washington his Nationals. But his most heartbreaking loss came at Worlds last year when McKinvale dropped his $2 million future bet on the Astros at odds of 18-1. If the Atlanta Braves hadn’t beaten Houston, he would have gotten his $36 million.

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McKinvale is making a “substantial investment” in the Astros again this year. It’s an understatement, as Houston has wagered a total of $10 million multiple times to win his series at Worlds. If the Astros win the fall his Classic, Mack will get $75 million. Of course, Gallery Furniture is hosting another promotion related to his monumental bet. (If a customer spent more than his $3,000 on a mattress and the Astros won the World Series, they would get a full refund.) According to McIngvale, the Gallery has sold $50 million worth of mattresses to date, according to McIngvale. And the World Series is almost two months away.

With the NFL kicking off this week, Mack is ready for the football season too, but he’s waiting for a good promotion before making the big bet. In the meantime, he will be rooting for the Houston Texans. Because, “I’m a home run hitter,” he says. But he also likes the Green Bay he Packers this season.

The driving force behind the sports website is “selling more furniture,” but McIngvale admits he has higher goals. At a time when trust in his media is waning and becoming hyper-partisan, Mack believes his site can help bring people together.

“I’m betting on the fact that I know people love sports. One of the things I love is that sports are great integrators,” McIngvale said. increase. “Right wing, left wing, middle wing, whatever it is, we all come together. It’s a good thing in these divided times.”

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