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“The newspaper is here.”

It said City Councilor Vicky Palladino (R-Whitestone) was accused of squatters at the Whitestone home that had been foreclosed on Monday, posting a video of their unruly encounter with himself. This is what I said when I solved the problem by hand.

Palladino told Chronicle that she had been working with the voter who lives next door for nearly a year, even before she took office in January.

“Basically, she’s been intimidated by her neighbors, the squatters, for lack of a better word. And it’s been an ongoing heartbreak,” Palladino told The Chronicle.

Noting that the member lives with her husband, father, and two young sons, she went on to say that the alleged squatter, whom the Chronicle identified as George Bartholin, verbally harassed the neighbors. said he did.

“She can’t let the kids go out and play,” Palladino said. “[She’s] I fear they will be harassed. Not only that, but the fear of getting hurt in the backyard. ”

On Monday morning, Paladino decided to check on the situation on his way to work. Palladino said the fact that the squatters came out at that moment was “a complete surprise.”

The video, which has since gone viral on Twitter, shows Palladino approaching Bartholin as he backs out of his driveway, smoking what appears to be marijuana.

“How are you?” he said.

“It’s a disgrace,” Palladino replied, referring to the house, whose Building Department records have shown it to be in dire condition for some time.

After Palladino repeated himself, the person said, “Do it yourself.”

Bartoline didn’t seem to mind, but the councilor informed him that an “eviction notice” had been posted.

The house at 146-26 20 Road has had a partial eviction order for just over a month after part of the roof deteriorated and “caused encroachment on the perimeter,” according to DOB ​​records. . [the] Exposed masonry chimney [the] in the interior [the] element.

But when the alderman asked, “What are you doing out of this house?” Declared there is. When Palladino said it was “disgusting,” he said, “It’s legal, what’s disgusting? Go yourself.”

Marijuana use is legal for those over the age of 21, but it is not legal to drive while using it.

Bartoline’s neighbors are the only ones reported to have concerns so far. Hellgate NYC reported Wednesday that some of the neighbors the reporter spoke to said they had no problems with him.

Councilors said voters’ concerns go beyond verbal harassment.

“Whoever lives in this squatter’s house, they have enemies,” Palladino said. “They threw things out the windows, rocks, bricks, etc. They even set cars on fire in this particular driveway.”

Neither members nor Bartholin responded to Chronicle’s request for comment.

“It’s a very sad, sad situation. You know what happened in Bayside,” Palladino said, referring to the foreclosed home posted on Airbnb, where a teenager was found outside the home earlier this year. Shot dead.

But the Whitestone family’s property records suggest that perhaps the case is more complicated than Bayside’s. It was owned by several different members of the Bartholin family.

Palladino confirmed that in a subsequent interview with The Chronicle, saying she learned of Bartholiné’s family ties to the house that morning. I added that there are Meanwhile, George Bartholin stayed at home. Matters are further complicated by the fact that under New York City law, a person establishes legal possession of a residence after he has been there for 30 days, Palladino said.

Paladino seemed under the impression that an eviction order would replace it, noting that the process could take up to five months. However, a DOB spokesperson told Chronicle that the eviction order was partial and only applied to the second floor. The lower floors of the house can still be occupied.


The article originally incorrectly stated how many teenagers were shot near a home that was foreclosed earlier this year. I’m sorry.

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