Stafford Wins Up-and-coming Healthy Town Award

STAFFORD, NJ — Stafford Township was officially awarded the Up-and-coming Healthy Town Award at a recent board meeting for the progress the township has made in promoting the health of its residents.

“Stafford Township has worked hard to strengthen the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign Commission program,” Virginia Tessar of the New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute said at the conference.

The award was first announced in March. read more: Stafford Named Up-and-coming Health City

Tesser said Stafford is focused on sustainability and community initiatives with partners such as schools, hospitals and emergency services.

Tesser emphasized the SHIP program “Stafford Helps Its People” that connects residents and volunteers.

“We’re really impressed with your Rainbarrel initiative,” added Tessar.

She thanked Mayor Gregory Maia and the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign Committee for their dedication.

“We plan to do a lot more,” says Myhre. “It’s important to make the community as healthy as possible, not just receive shields.”

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