Stepping up to a global food system

Agriculture needs investment for a food secure world, but leaders must strengthen.

Things to know:

  • From flooding to water shortages, farmers are experiencing the impacts of climate change firsthand.
  • Urgent funding is needed to ensure adequate means to withstand droughts and floods.
  • We call on world leaders to invest in agriculture now to make farmers more resilient and improve food security.

Details of this cause:

Access to food is a basic human right, along with education, shelter and water. Yet 829 million people regularly go to bed hungry. Conflict and climate change have endangered too many lives and are currently destroying our food systems.

Agriculture affects all societies, from producing the food we need to survive to the materials we wear. Investing in agriculture reduces poverty, creates jobs and improves food insecurity, especially in emerging markets.

However, smallholder farmers, herders and fishermen do not receive the support they need to withstand the changes in temperature that destroy their harvests, infrastructure and affect the quality of the food produced.

They do not have the right tools to thrive under the changing climate that affects their communities, the environment and us.

Tell the leaders of Sweden, Denmark and Ireland that they cannot afford to wait for another crisis to unfold. They must now invest in critical demand-driven research, technology and climate-smart farming practices to protect food systems for all.

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