“STOIC Entertainment Announces ‘World War Toons: Tank Arena VR’ at Gamescom 2022”

VR game developer STOIC Entertainment has officially announced the upcoming game for MetaQuest 2. “World War Toons: Tank Arena VR”at Gamescom 2022 in Germany.

The predecessor of the casual VR tank action FPS game, Studio Roqovan’s World War Toons released for Sony’s Playstation VR in 2016 and proved its appeal with 800,000 downloads.

STOIC released a VR theme park arcade version in 2019, focusing on the tank battle feature of the original World War Toons. After that, I was fine-tuning the game for Meta Quest 2.

Players can pilot and battle WWII-era tanks such as the Sherman and Tiger, reimagined as cute, cartoonish vehicles on the virtual battlefield. Each tank has its own fighting style that you can utilize to fight against other gamers.

Starting with a base release version consisting of 8 tanks and 3 battle terrains, STOIC plans to offer DLCs introducing additional world-famous battlefields and tanks that diversify gamers’ strategy and tactical approach. is.

“With our proprietary VR motion sickness reduction technology, development of UI/UX specialized for VR, and partnership with SK Telecom and Meta, we are ready to release the game on the official Meta Store,” said STOIC. “We are confident that Quest 2 users will fall in love with this fun, action-packed title.”

STOIC is also preparing for a North American focus group test of World War Toons: Tank Arena VR, which will take place around early September before the official release. Additional details about FGT can be found at https://discord.com/invite/ACBX4SEend beginning September 3rd.

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