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Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer is my mayor and Virginia Beach City Councilman is my councilor. They work for me as elected civil servants, they work for me and my fellow citizens, and they serve our needs.

In the hope that new locations in tourist districts will one day improve our city’s quality of life, additional businesses, and tax revenues, citizens will invest tens of millions of dollars in hard-earned wealth into ongoing businesses. There is no logical reason to spend on welfare. enough to offset that initial investment).

It’s malarkey and they should be ashamed of themselves.

If they and their peers can think of throwing tens of millions of dollars at another concert venue, why aren’t they spending that money on citizens? Is required. Road maintenance needs to be improved. We need more and better public transportation. We need more effective water and flood control infrastructure. Bike lanes are needed along all former railroads, trails, parks and recreational center improvements. The power grid needs to be strengthened and renewed. Climate change mitigation plans need to be developed and funded.

It helps businesses to invest in their own business plans and ensure their success. Businesses, new citizens and opportunities will come when you use your tax money to make your city better. Stop making the rich richer with my money and work hard to make life in Virginia Beach better.

Louis Partida, Virginia Beach

“Portsmouth Honors Hip-Hop Alumni Missy Elliott, Names Four-Time Grammy Award-Winning Street” (August 9): Street Named After Missy Elliott? Street Named Missy • The reasoning used by councilors against the opposition of Portsmouth residents using Elliott has met with everything from downright absurdity to contempt. The same laws that protect Missy Elliott’s rap music from censorship are the same laws that protect people who publish pornography, but I don’t want to bring either of those into my home. Obscene lyrics in music or obscene videos. is not intended to promote child development. Most parents protect their children from such things because they are just dirty. Sure, you have the right to listen and watch anything that’s protected by law, but a lot of rap music is offensive. The foul language and N-words pouring out of passing cars are terrible.

Don’t make the citizens of Portsmouth look dirty. It’s really hard to go anywhere to keep your family from hearing a constant barrage of profanity. References to the national anthem using the word ‘slave’ are so far from the discussion at hand that they are brought up only by council members who have caused more racial divisions in Portsmouth than anyone I know And again, he uses that platform to get elected.

Bruce Carothers, Portsmouth

Re “Government. Youngkin criticized after calling teachers with LGBTQ students to tell parents” (August 11): Yes, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, parents are especially important to children . Parents are so important that children find it difficult to talk to them about their sexual orientation and gender identity. It is very common for young people to gradually make an effort to come forward, tell friends and trusted adults, and share the truth about themselves with their parents. But for most people, it’s not the fear of physical abuse or being homeless, but rather the question, “Do you still love me?” ‘ is the old question.



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Nothing good comes from the teacher forcing himself to insert himself into this family relationship and short-circuiting the student’s growth. In addition, rumors spread and students stop confiding in teachers about their LGBTQ status and other sensitive topics. In effect, we’re going back to the days of “Don’t ask, don’t say.” Also, parents are less likely to know what is going on in their child’s mind.

In contrast, I have heard parents say that they were glad their child found support and was able to speak up without being forced or pushed out in the end. I hope the Governor listens to parents of gay and transgender children and learns what they really want.

Carolyn Cawood, Virginia Beach

About “Downtown Norfolk Business Owners Frustrated by Mayor’s Plan to Crack Down on Bars After Shooting” (August 13): Certain Businesses. The shooting took place in what is known as a late-night “club,” rather than in a restaurant or bar. They are companies that need to take responsibility and face the consequences. Longtime establishments such as Baxter’s Sports Bar, Freemason Abbey Restaurant, 219 Bistro, 456 Fish, Grace O’Malley’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, and Brick Anchor Brew House have never had a problem.

It’s not just about late night clubs. MacArthur can be gunned down at his center around 6pm.

Maybe go after bad guys with illegal guns who just want to shoot someone to make them feel bigger and stronger.

Sherry Lankford, Norfolk

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