Stranger Things: Joe Keery says it’s ‘ridiculous’ that people only care about his hair

August 16, 2022 17:48

“It’s pretty silly, to be honest.”

Best known for his role as stranger things Heart-pounding Steve Harrington and other blockbuster stars such as free guy When Molly’s gamebut during interviews, all people are supposed to ask Joe Keery is his luscious locks.

Responding to ‘ridiculous’ ongoing questions, Joe said Daily Beast: “It’s not something I can control.”

“It’s the internet bait that carried over and is now obsessed with me. I really can’t knock it. I have a career, so I’m like, ‘Who cares? And yet, for some reason, people really seem to care about it and stick to it. Honestly, it’s so silly.

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Joe Keery is tired of people asking about his hair

Joe Keery is tired of people asking about his hair.

Photo: Getty, Netflix

It’s been happening to Joe for years too. Appearing and promoting on Megyn Kelly TODAY stranger things 2the talk show host marveled at Joe’s mane and asked if he could reach out and touch it just seconds after he walked on stage.

“So your hair is great, even in person,” said Megyn. “…do I get a chance to touch your hair?”

Most recently, at the Season 4 premiere, even Millie Bobby Brown was asked about Joe’s hair. “Steve Harrington, are you kidding?” the actress replies.

Most of the interviews Joe has given so far have been about his hair, and he himself wants people to stop.

Megyn Kelly TODAY - Season 1

Megyn Kelly TODAY – Season 1.

Photo: Getty

In a GQ profile published in August 2021, Joe revealed that he doesn’t wash his hair and actually turned down a deal with a hair care brand.

“I think it’s very lame for the majority of people. Don’t you think it’s going to be a sell-out move?” he told the outlet, noting that the hair care brand in question also offered him “a lot of money.” confirmed.

Note to self: If you meet Joe Keery, don’t ask him about his hair.

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