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If you are a veteran contemplating harming yourself, or know a veteran contemplating this, we can help. VA New Jersey Health Care Suicide Prevention Coordinator , to provide the support you need. They work with our behavioral health providers and community organizations to help veterans dealing with emotional or mental health crises.

suicide prevention coordinator

Our Suicide Prevention Coordinator (SPC) raises awareness about suicide. Suicide prevention is everyone’s responsibility at a medical facility in New Jersey. They help identify at-risk veterans and ensure that the care and monitoring of these veterans is adequate. The SPC also receives consultations from the Veterans Affairs Crisis Line and follows up to ensure veterans continue to receive appropriate care.

Suicide Prevention Case Manager

Our Suicide Prevention Case Managers provide case management services to veterans at high risk of suicide. Case managers also answer calls to the Veterans Affairs Crisis Line. Support will be provided to other New Jersey medical staff by providing assessments, assessment of high-risk patients, safety plans, and support in interacting with patients experiencing suicidal ideation.

Community Engagements and Partnerships Coordinator

Our Suicide Prevention Community Engagement & Partnership Coordinator (CEPC) acts as an expert on the content of community-based suicide prevention initiatives and supports suicide prevention education throughout the community. CEPC is building a community-driven coalition focused on suicide prevention and education. They can talk to your organization about suicide prevention, provide free suicide prevention resources, and offer training opportunities.

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