Supermarkets see more hand basket thefts since New Jersey’s bag ban

South Jersey (KYW Newsradio) — Hand baskets may be harder to find in New Jersey supermarkets these days. Say you left.

Since New Jersey grocery stores are no longer allowed to hand out plastic or paper bags, employees say many customers who didn’t bring their own bags put them in their shopping baskets and take them home. increase.

The New Jersey Food Council has seen an increase in basket thefts since the bag ban went into effect.

NJFC Vice President Mary Ellen Peppard said in a statement to KYW Newsradio, “Most customers are adapting, but unfortunately our members are seeing an increase in customers who take store baskets and don’t return them. “These baskets are expensive and some stores have decided not to replace them.”

Store baskets cost about $8 each.

Signboards to inform customers on ShopRite, "The hand basket must be left in the store at all times."

ShopRite’s sign telling customers to ‘Keep hand baskets in store at all times’.

Photo credit: Mike DeNardo/KYW Newsradio

Empty tray in hand basket in target store.

Empty tray in hand basket in target store.

Photo credit: Mike DeNardo/KYW Newsradio

ACME Markets declined to comment to KYW Newsradio. Target, Shoprite and Whole Foods operators did not respond to requests for comment.

“I never walk away with someone’s basket,” said Melissa Benenfeld, a Cherry Hill shopper outside the Marlton Target store. “I find it a little tricky, but I use it when I buy some items,” she says.

Haddon Heights’ Nancy Hutchinson admits it’s easy to forget to bring your own bag.

“I think we kind of have a learning curve,” she said.

She thinks these basket stealers might be lazy.

“I hope they are reusing them. “It’s shameful that people steal them and throw them in the trash, and that defeats the purpose.”

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