Swedish Flag Bearer Momento Produces Documentaries About Swedish Rapper Dogge Doggelito ‘Leaving Jesus’ and ‘The Underdog’

Founded by David Hardys “(Winter Buoy)” and Michael Krotkiewski “(Bellum – The Daemon Of War)”, Momento Film, Sweden’s leading flag-bearer, has produced the documentaries “Leaving Jesus” and “The Underdog”. It boasts a series of projects including . So is Shimon Mesa Soth’s “The Poet”.


swedish torpedo

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While in Cannes, Banner worked on one of her biggest projects to date, the period film Frida Kemp, inspired by the life of Sally Bauer, the first Scandinavian to swim across the British continent. (Winter Booze)”. “Swedish Torpedo” is scheduled to start shooting in August with a first-class cast including Josephine Nelden “Border” and “438 Days”, Mikkel Bo Forsgaard “Royal Affair” and “Bogen”. Lisa Karlhead “Immigration”.


Co-produced by Sweden, Estonia, Belgium and England, the film begins in 1939, when Europe is on the brink of war. Sally, a 30-year-old single mother, dreams of becoming the first European woman to cross the English Channel. While her society and family force her to fulfill her duties as a mother, she breaks free from her conventions to pursue her own dreams.


Written by Marietta von Hauswolf von Baumgarten, The Swedish Torpedo is Kemp’s third directorial debut. Kemp previously won the Cannes Jury Prize for his short film Mickey Vader and directed Knocking, which was screened at film festivals such as Sitges. “Swedish Torpedo” is “a story to be told about a woman who achieved the impossible and shattered both social norms and world records,” Kempf said.


The banner is also about to be completed in Daniel Espinosa’s (Mobius, Easy Money) drama Madame Luna, about an Eritrean refugee who became a notorious human smuggler in Libya and was linked to the Italian Mafia. It’s planned. Written by Maurizio Braucci and Suha Araf, “Madame Luna” is represented in the international market by Goodfellas.


“‘Madame Luna’ is a darling to me. Like ‘Swedish Torpedo,’ this is a film about strong women, and that helps a lot.” I’ve been working on this for almost 10 years,” Hardys said.


Momento Films, which has produced many hit documentaries such as Hamada, directed by Eloy Dominguez Seren, is currently working on a documentary, directed by Ellen Fisk, about a group of ex-Christian fundamentalists gathering at a retreat. Leaving Jesus is in post-production. In San Francisco to free myself from community and trauma. Fisk previously directed Scheme Birds, which won Tribeca’s Best Documentary Award and Best New Documentary Director (with Eleanor Harrin) in 2019.


“‘Leaving Jesus’ is about people who grew up in a cult-religious environment in America and decided to leave it and find a way forward in society,” Krotkiewski said. He noted that the project reflected Fisk’s own spiritual quest. “She was raised in a non-religious household and wondered what it would be like to grow up in an environment where everything was religious,” Krotkiewski continued.


Hardy’s produced the documentary with Michael Krotkiewski and Mirjam Gelhorn of Momento, Helle Faber of Danish brand Made in Copenhagen, and Anit Rehoff Larsen, Tone Grøttjord-Glenne and Helen Prestgard of Sant & Usant in Norway.


Momento is also developing ‘The Underdog’, which is about the famous Swedish rapper Douglas León, who goes by the stage name Dogge Doggelito. “Dogge Dogerito was the first Swedish rapper. It’s a trailblazer,” Hardys said. Today, Doggerito struggles to support his family by making ends meet on a small scale. The documentary will be directed by Iván Blanco, a Chilean-Swedish director who met Dogerito in strange circumstances in Colombia and decided to make a film about him, says Simon Klose (Nonami) and Michael Krotkieff. Hardys, who works with Ski, said.


In addition to these projects, the company co-produced Colombian director Simon Mesa Soto’s drama A Poet, whose drama feature Amparo won an award at the Cannes Critics’ Week and won the San It was screened at film festivals such as Sebastian. The film revolves around Oscar Restrepo, a poet who meets a humble teenage girl and helps her develop her talents.


The Hardys produced ‘A Poet’ with Juan Sarmiento, Mesa Soto and Catarina Bergfeld. “A Poet” marks the third collaboration between Momento and Mesa Soto, following “Amparo” and the short film “Madre.”


Here is a still from “Madame Luna” (Credit: Juan Sarmiento G.):




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