Swim Paddle Run Triathlon Salute Michael Kiefer – FDNY firefighter who died on 9/11

It’s been almost 21 years since FDNY firefighter Michael Kiefer made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11th. Today, dozens of Long’s Islanders undertook a challenging workout in Long Beach to honor his memory.

Kiefer was a member of Brooklyn’s Ladder 132.

The Michael V. Kiefer Swim Paddle Run Triathlon started with a run of 150 yards into the ocean, 0.5 miles on the paddleboard and 1.5 miles on the beach.

Every rap and step reminded attendees of Kiefer’s heroism and giving spirit.Long Beach resident John Scudin remembers Kiefer as someone who loved what he did.

“I’m glad I became a firefighter. I loved being a lifeguard. I love the ocean,” Sukdin said. “We want to respect that.”

As a Long Beach resident, Kiefer spent many summers as a lifeguard. Kiefer’s family and friends say triathlons are a great way to remember his dedication and perseverance.

Kiefer’s sister, Lauren Kiefer Foley, told News 12 that the event has a special place in the family.

“Seeing people honoring him in this way in a place he loved means a lot to my family and me,” says Kiefer-Foley.

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