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Michal Campbell started his acting career after being opposed by his sister.

challenge accepted.

A senior at Fort Dodge High School, Campbell began his acting career in eighth grade.

Campbell said, “My sister told me I couldn’t play sports while doing musicals.” “I liked it so much I kept using it.

As Junior Campbell was one of the lead male roles as Len McCormack in Fort Dodge’s 95th Annual Musical “Footloose”

For his performance, Campbell won the Outstanding Performance Award in a Leading Role. In his honor, he was invited to join the Triple Threat Program. This program brings together the best high school musical performers in the state to learn and perform together.

The cast of FDSH produced and performed outstanding music on stage at the Civic Center at the Iowa High School Music Theater Showcase this June.

He also played Pierre Prix in FDSH’s Fall play “While the lights are out.”

While on stage, Campbell is able to express himself and showcase his talents in a variety of ways.

“For me, the most important thing about performing is creating your own special and unique show that will never be done the same way again,” Campbell said.You develop such a bond with your castmates and know your show is one of a kind.

“To me, performing is a mixture of being yourself and being someone else because you can express emotions that you struggle to express.”

For an actor, the best memory on stage is “Footloose”

“Perhaps the most memorable time I had as a performer was opening night for Footloose. Campbell said. “There was a row of lockers for the set on wheels for ease of movement. It was the back.

“As I was moving around it, I heard a strange sound. This strange sound was actually the sound of a rocker falling, so I quickly left before it hit the ground. (those who were present at the opening night have undoubtedly heard it).

“I was very shocked, but I went on stage anyway. During this scene, my best friend, Jacob Marxen, who played Uncle Wes, slapped me. He didn’t hit me hard…until the first night.” I always encouraged Jacob to make the slap real and he definitely did that night.It wasn’t very funny at the time but in retrospect it’s definitely my most memorable It’s the moment.”

Being on stage takes a lot of work, and being an actor requires someone you can turn to for advice and a calming influence.

“My biggest influences on the performance are definitely the choir teacher Mr. (Matt) Dries and the director Mrs. (Lindy) Krug,” Campbell said. “And my good friends and castmates Malany Buttrick, Aaron Amhoff and Kane Freeman. ”

Besides acting, Campbell is involved in marching bands, choirs and football. Campbell is also the manager of his team at Fort Dodge Volleyball.

Vacation Destination: Australia.

Who would you like to have dinner with: Jeremy Jordan, Aaron Tveit, Michael Arden.

When I was three years old, I was the first live vocal guest on the Johnny Cash radio show. I sang Folsom Prison Blues.

A performer who inspired me: Jeremy Jordan. He can convey emotions very heavily and can make difficult vocal techniques look effortless.

You can’t go a day without singing or playing an instrument.

where will you be in 10 years?

I want to build a career as a performer and be able to do what I love every day.

What are you listening to: Goodbye songs by George Salazar.

Dream Piece: Fly Fly Away from Catch Me If You Can.


Musical: Rent.

Music Genre: Musical Theater.

Performing Arts: Musical Theater.

Music Genre: Musical Theater.

Book: Sais by Neil Shusterman.

Instrument: my voice.

Class: Choir.

Phone App: Apple Music.

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