Tampa Bay Artist Raises Autism Awareness With Paint Brushes

LARGO, FL — When artist Dane Kapo, who has autism, moved to Florida, he found he was doing more than raising paintbrushes. She is raising awareness about autism.

“Art is as much about story as art itself,” said Krista Capo, Dane’s mother. “We were told he would never read. We were told he would never write. We were told he would never do math.”

However, Dane has proven everyone wrong throughout his work, while using his own unique style. I went on to become a celebrity.

Dane’s family moved from California to Tampa Bay during the pandemic and opened Dane’s own studio in Lago.

His work has also been featured on Foot Locker and helped raise awareness of autism through the ‘Be Seen’ collection. Dane’s designs were printed on his T-shirts and lined up on store shelves. Messages of support and appreciation soon began pouring in.

“We urge them to push on,” Christa said.

Dane said it would be great if more people in the autism community started painting for him. Model the target adaptive wear during the revolution.

To learn more about Dane and where to buy his paintings, visit his website.

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