Tech community farm in development for Las Vegas ‘food dessert’

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) – A high-tech community farm is under construction on Las Vegas’ Historic Westside, providing residents of the “Food Desert” with access to fresh food and produce.

Spanning 70,000 square feet, the project is slated for James Gay Park between Harrison Avenue and B Street, and will use a technique called “vertical farming,” which allows growers to grow piles of soil instead of vast expanses of land. Allows you to grow produce in Agricultural products are grown in shipping containers.

“Containers offer diverse crop production capacity. Their systems can grow lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, vine fruit and vegetables, root crops and flowers, and can be used by historic West Side residents. allows us to grow the crops we need and want,” said Facebook. Post via Las Vegas City.

“For years we have faced the challenge of introducing a large box store into a grocery establishment. About 25 percent of Ward residents experience food insecurity,” said Alderman Cedric Clear.

“The nonprofit employs local people and runs a local grocery store that sells produce. And if you’re outside the community, you’ll pay the market rate,” Cear said.

MGM Resorts recently made a $500,000 donation through Las Vegas LIFE’s Mayor’s Fund.

Shipping containers may arrive in the region by November.

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