Tess eats through her parents’ pantry in this ‘ultimate New Jersey food challenge’

Despite messages about how much I miss theme parks right now (this sameEveryone, same!), Theme park based shows must go on. This means that while we are unable to bring you great amusement park food content across the country at this time, can Entertainment for entertainment.

That’s all there is to justify what’s happening in the video above. I can’t go to Disney, so I pretended my childhood home (currently in quarantine) to be a theme park and ate it in reckless abandon.

yes! I can’t make a note of which treats I want to try next time I’m at the park (…really, don’t joke about coming to my house), but I can spend about $1. increase. 17 minutes of your day watching me make a fool of myself in a way reminiscent of my behavior in the park. Sounds like fun, guys!mainly for you, because i For real I’m working on this weird part, but it will be fun for me too.

If this nonsense doesn’t work for you, go ahead and take a walk iconic food Memory lane in season 1 and season 2. Email me about your favorite park food. We can be nostalgic and sad together. That way, you can continue it alone but together in the rest of the shelter.

All I’m saying is keep in touch! Also I love you

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