Testa introduces a brewery bill that gives Garden State Brewers more control over the future of their business.

Senator Michael Testa (R-1) on Monday introduced a brewing bill in the state senate that would give brewers more control over the small businesses that are expanding jobs and opportunities across New Jersey. .

Senator Michael Testa introduced his brewery bill in the state Senate on Monday to give brewers more control over small businesses that are expanding jobs and opportunities across New Jersey. did. (© iStock)

“I think brewers building businesses in our state deserve to have more say in how they run their businesses because the term ‘free enterprise’ applies to them as well,” Testa said. said. “I look forward to working with my colleagues and members of Congress to end these bureaucratic roadblocks and fix our dysfunctional system.”

Testa Bill, S-3042, amends current law to allow holders of restricted brewery licenses to attend an unlimited number of on-site special events and, subject to permit, to attend up to 18 off-site special events per year and a requirement that licensees provide tours to consumers prior to serving alcoholic beverages for consumption at licensed establishments.

The bill would also establish a winery-brewery sublicense that would allow wineries to produce malt alcoholic beverages that they retail to consumers for consumption outside of their licensed premises, and that new licensees could sell those same alcoholic beverages. Establish a farm brewing license that allows you to manufacture and sell beverages. .

“Small breweries across the state make a significant contribution to New Jersey’s economy, creating jobs and helping revitalize our downtown neighborhoods,” said legislative co-organizer Steven Brewery. Senator Orojo (R-24) said: “Recent regulatory changes have prevented local brew pubs from attracting customers and generating revenue, and this bill would remove some of the new restrictions. We should support small businesses, not kill them.”

Testa voiced opposition to a special judgment issued by the New Jersey Department of Alcoholic Beverages on July 1, pledging to create legislation to address the agency’s “disastrous and destructive” edict. was the first senator to raise a The following month, brewers across New Jersey spoke out, and yesterday the bill was introduced.

“Brewer is investing heavily to do business in New Jersey. We believe it should be done,” said Testa. “A famous sign on the bridge says, ‘Trenton Makes, the World Takes.’ We need to enable our brewers to produce and thrive in the same spirit.”

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