Texas Rangers outfielder Adris Garcia extends hitting streak to 20 games

Adris Garcia became the 16th player in Texas Rangers history to have a 20-game hitting streak against the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday.

Garcia extended his streak with a double in the top of the fourth.

He joined three other players who tied for 13th in Rangers history with a 20-game hitting streak — Mickey Rivers (June 17–July 11, 1980), Juan Gonzales (August 20-September 9, 1998), Ivan Pudge. Rodriguez (May 8-June 1, 1999.

With a stolen base late in the inning, Garcia became a 20–20 player—20 home runs and 20 stolen bases. This makes him the first Ranger of his 20/20 season since Danny Santana (28 home runs, 21 stolen bases) in 2019.

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