‘That’s not justice’: Family distraught over hit-and-run driver’s sentence for killing son

The family is bewildered by the ruling that they were too lenient with the hit-and-run driver who killed their son.

Daniel Campbell, 20, pleaded guilty in Riverhead Court to the hit-and-run case that killed 18-year-old Davesh Samtani in Amagansett last year.

On Friday, a judge’s recommended sentence for Campbell was six months of community service and five years of probation.

The victim’s mother, Mara Samtani, said: “It’s unfair. It’s not justice. I’m sorry, it’s not justice.”

Prosecutors recommended prison sentences of one to three years.

The victim’s father, Kishore Samtani, said, “If he was given time, he would have been given time to reconcile.

Campbell’s attorney said the defendant “wanted to come to court, express his remorse and feelings, and admit responsibility for his actions. He did just that.”

The Samtani family are from Hong Kong and were vacationing in South Fork when their son was killed.

Davesh Samtani was about to enroll at New York University and was already a published children’s author.

His family continues to mourn his death and now feel justice has not been served.

“I want to be where he is, not be in this world,” says Mara Samtani.

Campbell’s attorney said his client is looking forward to speaking with the victim’s family on September 22, the official sentencing day.

The judge has said that unless Campbell gets into trouble by then, the recommended ruling will be upheld.

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