The Charlotte-based fashion designer drops a range of understated streetwear.culture

For Muslim women across the country, understated fashion has come a long way in the last two decades, with new products arriving each year.Fashion marketplace ASOS has its own understated fashion rangeand businesses established in hijabi, such as luxury hijab, vera scarf When veiled collection Neutral shades and materials offer style for every occasion and climate.

Charlotte Based Business unprecedented hijabi is the latest brand to cater to Muslim women, selling everything from avant-garde head scarves to highly versatile sweat skirts on its digital storefront, combining understated fashion with streetwear for a Y2K vibe. is directing.

Founder Kowser Sheikh designed a uniquely patterned headscarf with the aim of helping young hijabs feel comfortable and confident in their humility after gaining attention with their sparing headscarves. started.

“Personally, I used to wear certain outfits and hijabs, but it felt very bland and didn’t look good or flashy,” Sheikh said. “I feel like I’m wearing a hijab with different designs. It makes me love hijab even more because it looks so unique.”

Aside from outside help with photo editorials and fabric printing, Sheikh is the brains behind the business, designing his own website and posting regularly to build a hijabi social media presence. I am filling out the orders myself.

“Sometimes I get a lot of orders, but I just do it myself,” Sheikh said. “Honestly, it’s not thousands of packages or hundreds of packages, so I don’t think we’ve reached the stage where we need to hire people, but we’re excited to get to that stage. Right now. It’s just a little bit. It could be 30, 50, maybe 100, but it’s going to be like a span of a week, not a day.”

The unprecedented Hijabi has seen tremendous growth since the brand launched in August 2021, Instagram When tick tock Attention from hijabi influencers and online publications Hype BaeSheikh’s next goal is to facilitate potential collaborations.

“There’s no doubt that my brand has grown a lot and is out there. To be able to collaborate with different brands and have brands invest in brands and ideas and everything else is honestly going to be huge. I feel there is potential,” Sheikh said.

Shayk’s all-time favorite collection is the limited-edition Paisley Head Scarf, featuring a black and white colorway styled in abaya that contrasts against the urban landscape of the brand’s product campaigns.

“We went to a small part of the city and took pictures…and I feel like it worked out really well,” Sheikh said. “[I] I kept it very simple, making the hijab stand out, like the main point, and not have a superfluous look. [style] So that you can see what it looks like in a real costume and how people have styled it.

To keep up with the Unheard of Hijabi, Instagram or checkout websiteShop our newest collection, fleece two-piece, available for pre-order now sweaty.

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