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Pryor – For a new experience for sisters Kaych and Courtney Evans, the youngsters, aged 12 and 8, walked the runway as fashion models during New York Fashion Week in New York City in February.

Pryor’s 6th grader Keichi said: “But when I started walking there, I felt comfortable.

The first-time models offered each other support throughout the experience. Sophomore Kourtney, 8, was also nervous at first, but says she “just smiled” and walked down the runway.

The two, both Cherokee citizens, participated in two runway walks and a VIP photo shoot. Her first event on February 11 was on the Gotham Hall runway where she modeled for Charjean Couture’s Fashionable Flirt Collection. The second event was a fashion and jewelry model shoot. Then, on February 12th, the sisters walked the runway again, this time modeling for Charjans Couture’s “Tiffany Collection” at The Society fashion show.

Selected as a fashion week model from over 3,000 applicants from all over Japan.

“I sent in a photo and applied to both girls,” said mother Sharbrice Evans. “If the same girl was selected for one event, it didn’t mean she would be selected for the other two.”

Sherbrice-Evans said that although the applications came in unwittingly, the girls were surprised to learn that they were headed to New York as models.

“It was really great that they were selected for all three events,” she added. “They were so excited. Since then they’ve been appearing in several magazines and articles. I keep asking if

Sherbrice Evans, also a CN citizen, said she applied for her daughters simply because “I’m a mother who thinks my kids are beautiful.”

“Doing beauty pageants as a kid gave me the confidence to be myself and not be afraid to talk to people,” she said. “I thought it would be a good opportunity to become more confident in public,” she said.

Both Charbrice Evans and her husband Dakota teach and lead at Pryor. The sisters keep busy with school and sports, including gymnastics for Kourtney, soccer, softball, and basketball, and softball for Keichi, soccer, and basketball.

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