The Devil Wears Prada Musical Isn’t Ready For New York Fashion Week

Like many shows heading to Broadway, Chicago is a test market for working out kinks. Musical “The Devil Wears Prada” Running at the James M. Nederlander Theater until August 21st.

James Alsop – Choreographer

Elton John’s music is great, and James Alsop’s choreography is evocative and clean. I had the chance to speak with James and asked what is her favorite number on the show. Well, it’s really hard to pick a favorite dance her number from the show. Because the whole story and the music and the show all touch on different types of music and different types of dance. It is specific only to the song. So it’s really hard to pick one because I feel they fit each song so well for me. I would say it’s a thing. ” I have to agree with her, the ending of Act One is pretty good.

The set design is great and I applaud the smooth set changes. They become characters in the show.

Kate Weatherhead’s book needs a little work in places in act two. Miranda and Andy’s conversation gets stiff at times.

The weak point for me was Michael Tacconi as boyfriend Nate Angstrom. There was nothing to do with Andy as her boyfriend at all.He’s more of a “friend” zone attitude. When they part, he seems to say, “Oh well,” and when they get back together, he says, “Sure, we can get back together… I don’t care. plug.”

The other disappointment was fashion. With costume designs by Academy Award-nominated costume designer Arianne Phillips, I expected to walk out of the theater and talk non-stop about great fashion. There was work left. With one exception, Emily’s (Megan Masako Haley) wardrobe was unlike any other, eye-catching and memorable. Unfortunately, most of the other costumes were just costumes.

I love the diversity of the cast and the great voices. Andy Sachs is played by Taylor Iman Jones, who is funny, has a great voice, and embodies the role. Tony Award winner Beth Leavell, as Miranda Priestley, plays and plays the part herself rather than trying to imitate her Meryl Streep. she is wonderful Megan Masako Haley as Emily Charlton is also a standout in the show. She has just the right amount of grit and enough condescending demeanor to make the role believable.Last but not least, she mentions Javier Muñoz as Nigel Owens. I have to. One of my favorite characters in the movie, she also became a favorite in the stage production.

From the above, the question is Musical “The Devil Wears Prada” Worth watching? Yes, it’s a fun night full of surprises and energy. Like I said, they’re working out the kinks before heading to Broadway. is required.

Until next time, point your EYE to the sky!

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