The Essex County Fair is held and runs through, sports, jobs

Scott Christian, President of the Essex County Fairs, will give you a tour of the venue and explain the fair. (Photo provided — Alvin Reiner/Press-Republican)

Westport — Smells like fried bread. Swirling lights coupled with screeches emanating from carnival rides. The roar of the tractor. Carnies hooting and horses barking, the 2022 Essex County Fair kicked off Wednesday.

Essex County Fair president Scott Christian said preparations are well underway. “very well.”

Luau theme

as long as “Hawaiian Luau at the County Fair” Theme, Christian said: “We thought of it to liven things up a bit. It’s a hall tournament.”

Logan’s Luau Tropical Revue and Aquatic Acrobatic Show are two of the featured acts that take place twice daily. Logan’s Luau features comedy dolls and animals such as pigs and goats. A variety of aerial and underwater stunts, including jumps, spins, and spins, form the basis of the aquatic show.

Other daily activities include: Giveaway of bike and backpack at 3pm. Display of local farms. bossy bingo; 4H shooting sports, archery and various equestrian events.

tribute to beckham

The fair is dedicated to Beckham Egglefield, a Boque Valley student who died in a snowmobile accident last winter.

According to a Facebook post by his mother, Terry Egglefield, “Those closest to Beck know that Beck was quite the addict. He loved the Essex County Fair. He loved motors, noise, vehicles, games, endless walks with friends, fried Oreos, Egglefield Ford displays and could store stuff in the trunk of his car, but most of all he loved demolition derbies. .

“Ironically, when I first went to the fair with Beck, I was at the Derby. Best of all, my car happened to be number 22 (Beckham’s sports jersey number).”

Beckham’s Memory Non-Profit Fund, BEK1ND, Inc, was established to provide scholarships, equipment and clothing to students, athletes and clubs at Bouquet Valley Central School.

Held until Sunday

The Essex County Fair runs through Sunday, August 21st.

Admission is $10, which includes parking, rides, and most shows. Wednesday is Senior Citizens Day and Thursday is Veterans Appreciation Day with $2 off admission.

For additional information, including regulations, and a complete schedule of events, please visit

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