The Hudson Valley has a heat stroke warning in place through Monday night.Possible storm

Update: A Heat Advisory is in effect for the Hudson Valley area through 8 PM Monday as the Heat Index approaches 100.

What’s New: Localized flooding is possible, but the extent of the storm during the day is scattered. The heat index value should be close to 100 degrees on Sunday.

Stormwatch meteorologist Alex Caramia expects partly sunny days with a few storms.

What’s next: Humidity raises the chance of storms through Tuesday. Afternoon storms are likely to bring localized flooding over the next few days, but may not be enough to alleviate drought.

today: Be prepared for partly sunny days with a few showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

tonight: Tonight will be partly cloudy with low pressure in the low 70s and possible persistent showers early in the day.

Sunday: Showers and storms are possible in the afternoon, but it should be dry for most of the day. The maximum temperature is expected to be close to 90 degrees for him, but the perceived temperature should be close to 100 for him.

Sunday night: Showers or thunderstorms are possible early in the evening, and should drop to the low 70s.

Monday: The days will be sunny, the nights will be stormy, and the highs should be in the low 90s. I thought it should feel more like 100 degrees.

Tuesday: A few storms are expected in the afternoon, with highs in the mid-80s covered in clouds.

Wednesday: The day will start mostly cloudy with some storms expected in the late afternoon. It’s not that hot, but he’s in the low 80s and it’s muggy.

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