The impact of the Bluegrass and Chili Festival on local businesses and economies

According to the City of Wagoner, the Bluegrass and Chili Festival has raised between $500,000 and $1 million in the past. They said it could be even bigger this year.

The festival features live music, food, and entertainment for the whole family. Mayor Albert Jones said the festival is an event that will benefit not only the city of Wagoner, but the rest of Oklahoma.

“Oklahoma is the only city in the United States where the city relies exclusively on sales tax. So all these sales taxes are definitely important and have a huge impact on this community,” Jones said.

Howard and Lynn Holloway and their grandson Tanner are food truck vendors. It is the first time to bring the sweets making truck “Starbirds” to the event. They said the festival was well received and many people came to see it.

“We had to place a big order before coming here, so we could show up and hopefully get enough the next day to keep people entertained.” ‘ said Holloway.

Mayor Jones said more than 30,000 people are expected to attend the event, which will benefit hotels as well as local restaurants and stores.

“We counted them. There were about 35 different states in America when we counted the ones that were represented here as we walked through the parking lot. So the locals here people from all over the United States, and they will stay here for a week,” Jones said.

The Bluegrass and Chili Festival runs until 11pm Friday night and resumes Saturday morning at 11am.

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