The lack of rain exposes areas of the Manasquan Reservoir. Here’s what DEP wants from us:

New Jersey is on alert for a drought, and the Department of Environmental Protection is urging all residents to conserve water.

One park manager said the lack of rain has exposed land at Manasqua Reservoir that isn’t normally seen. news 12 The water level is probably 4 to 5 feet lower than normal, and the wood is usually underwater and exposed so you can’t see it.

Drought is believed to be driving the 4 billion gallon reservoir closer to 75% capacity, with recent data showing that groundwater tables along the coast are severely drying and other reservoirs are experiencing severe water loss. State officials are certainly concerned, as it has been shown that Abnormally dry.

According to the DEP, 30% of summer water use is outdoor use, a type of water use that can be reduced to save money.

Swimming is not allowed in the reservoir but kayaking and fishing are allowed and all programs are still being offered for now, however some activities will be canceled if the water gets too shallow is needed.

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