The letter: the economy cannot be planned centrally

I recently read an article on titled “What’s Working …” that showed that the unemployment rate in Colorado has climbed to 3.3%, even though it is still above its pre-pandemic level of 2.8%. implied that it was declining.

Most freedom-loving states have been below their pre-pandemic rates for quite some time. Colorado also scored 36 on the ratings for schools, mortality and economic performance during the pandemic.thColorado, which was one of the country’s main growth engines before the pandemic and before the Democratic-controlled state government decided to plan its economy with hundreds of laws, is now about average. Colorado’s 3.3% tax rate compares to 3.5% nationally. Freedom-loving neighbors she is less than 2.5%. The economy cannot be planned centrally.

The article also mentions state venture capital funds. But the government will not invest. It robs (via taxes) from a productive society and redistributes it into lucrative investments, which is inefficient most of the time. Free market capital always finds good business, big and small. Government funds end up boosting inefficient businesses. The economy cannot be planned centrally.

Climate change has always been a favorite topic of Democrats. We see local Democratic candidates talking about tackling climate change and wanting productive employees at local coal-fired power plants to find new careers. Meanwhile, the rest of the world, including Europe, is turning to coal as the left also demonizes the oil and gas industry. You will see a revival.

Shutting down local coal mills in one of the cleanest areas in the world, given that China, not to mention India and others, has produced more coal than the United States combined in the past two years. The thing is trivial. If climate change is to be solved, it will come from free market capitalism, not big government. The economic return did not solve anything. We’ve seen it from the government response to COVID. The economy cannot be planned centrally.

I could go many times. If you are part of the working class and continue to vote Democrat, you are seriously misguided. They don’t have your best interests in mind. Vote for Savvy Wolfson and Matt Solomon. They care about freedom and understand that central government plans don’t work. Their opponents don’t have your best interests in mind and they have no real world experience.

Joseph Defeo

Steamboat Springs

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