The man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s daughter in 2019 had a hot temper

The community is in shock after a mother and her boyfriend were indicted in connection with the death of the mother’s daughter nearly three years ago.

Edison police were summoned to Monique Durham’s home last week to check on the health of Durham’s five-year-old twin daughters, according to the Middlesex County Attorney’s Office. An investigation revealed that one of the twins is missing and has been missing since 2019.

Authorities say Durham’s boyfriend, Matthew Childs, murdered one of the girls in 2019 and disposed of her body. He now faces first-degree murder charges, among other charges.Durham is also facing charges.

Neighbor Danny Trimboli says he knew the couple.

“It’s horrible, it’s awful, it’s disgusting. The cops were here for a few hours … it was just a disaster. I had no idea what was going on,” he says.

Authorities say the killing took place in Perth Amboy. Officers used search warrants to search Chilean property.

Justin Maldonado says he used to live near Chile in Perth Amboy.

“[Police] it’s all over. They were also in other people’s gardens when we were watching. They definitely came here with a motive to find something.

Maldonado says he was not shocked to hear Chile was indicted. Chileans are short-tempered, he says.

“He always had anger management issues. He was always out of control. You could hear him arguing with his parents and his mother. It’s a shame,” Maldonado says.

Chile and Durham are housed at the Middlesex County Adult Correctional Center.

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