The MTA will host a public hearing on congestion charges.Final court is Wednesday

The MTA wants to know how New Yorkers really feel about congestion charges. The plan hopes to go into effect next year to charge drivers entering parts of Manhattan.

The MTA is now hosting its penultimate hearing, and so far it has received a lot of backlash from drivers. This is because if you choose to drive down his 60th Street in Manhattan to the Battery, you will be paying a significant amount in tolls.

The plan aims to encourage more people to use public transport while reducing car pollution.

The plan hopes to reduce traffic in the city while increasing revenue for the MTA, but drivers feel they shouldn’t have to pay a price just for choosing to drive.

“This program is all about income,” said MP Michael Tanousis. “And with the utmost respect for the MTA, this is the same agency that continues to be funded by our tax dollars and receives billions of dollars in relief from the federal government. One is never enough.”

Taxi, Lyft and Uber drivers who attended previous hearings said it would make them unable to make a living. This primarily affects commuters in Statenhi Island, Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey.

In an environmental assessment, the MTA said the plan would reduce traffic by up to 20% and improve the environment.

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