The New Jersey property tax appeal deadline is approaching. On His April 1st For Many | Flaster Greenberg PC

The April 1 deadline for filing commercial or residential property tax complaints in most New Jersey municipalities.stOver the past year, many commercial property owners have experienced declining earnings, with some grappling with tenant defaults. Given the impact of the pandemic, property owners need to ensure fair and accurate valuations of their properties are maintained.

Owners of luxury residential or commercial properties located in New Jersey, such as offices and retail spaces, multifamily homes, restaurants and industrial/warehouse complexes, may have their tax valuations reduced due to past market changes. I have. Year. An experienced attorney can assist you in assessing and/or appealing valuations and determining how to get the best value from your eligibility status and appeal. You can let us know if it is due to be re-evaluated in a year.

Please be careful: If the property is in a revalued or revalued district, the filing deadline is May 1, 2021. Some municipalities have other deadlines, so be sure to check.

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