The New Selleck Food Court is convenient for on-the-go dining.Nebraska today

Major changes to the Selleck food court have been completed.

University Dining has always offered takeout options for students, faculty and staff in need of a quick snack, such as Husker Heroes and Harvey’s Market, but now the dining area within the Selleck Quadrangle has been transformed into the Selleck Food Court. , from breakfast to pasta, sushi, salad, and familiar Qdoba. And with your convenience in mind, all orders are ready for action.

Selleck patrons can also dine in the new dining area, which has been refurbished to add to the cozy and warm accommodation. Gone are the canteen-style round tables. The open area now has large high-top tables for larger groups, as well as more traditional four- and eight-seat tables. You can also step into a smaller, quieter area that provides a quiet place to study and talk while you’re at it.

Sophomore Riley Einspur, a civil engineering major in Flower Mound, Texas, said Selleck has become a favorite place for lunch on campus.

“I like a small area for when I want to do my homework while eating, not just a big room with a table and chairs,” she said. She says, “Qdoba’s burrito.

New food court options include Cold Creations (smoothies and parfaits), Grains and Greens (salads, grain bowls, sushi), Pasta Buono, Scarlet Skillet (breakfast, now serving breakfast all day), Selleck Café (hot sandwiches) , fries and sides) and Qdoba. Additionally, Moxie’s Gluten-Free Café opened in the summer to provide a complete gluten-free dining option to the campus community.

“This is a great addition to our campus,” said Gina Guernsey, Manager of Selleck Food Court. “Students who must eat gluten-free to stay healthy can do so in a safe environment. Specially designed and constructed to be gluten free and stand alone.

Moxie’s got rave reviews from sophomore Chase Tabor, a global studies major in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

“This is the best pizza on campus,” he said. “The cauliflower and gluten-free crusts are delicious and the veg options are great.

Plus, it’s really easy and convenient. I eat here almost every day. ”

With a ghost kitchen concept where you order your food and pick it up at the front counter, you can easily move from class to class or meeting to meeting with a streamlined process. All orders are placed through the Transact Mobile Ordering App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Users can select the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as their campus and sign in with their university credentials to begin ordering. The app is also available at select eateries on the City and East His campuses, including Union.

“Students realized that they could order their food in the last few minutes of class and it would be ready when they got here,” Guernsey said. We’re learning that we can’t order everything at 12:30 because we have to deliver.”

Guernsey said usage of the new space is increasing every day, with about 2,000 orders per day in the first week of classes. Guernsey expects that number to rise as freshmen settle down and download the app for ordering.

“Only a quarter of our students have downloaded the app,” says Guernsey. “But we were always the main hub at lunchtime.”

Meal plan students can use meal redemption credits or dining dollars for their CEREC orders. Faculty and staff can attach credit cards, dining dollars, or gift cards to pay for orders.

CEREC’s renovation and new dining concept COVIDThe -19 pandemic – and delays – but subsequent guidelines and policies have brought additional ideas for streamlining the ordering, preparation, and pickup process.

“Mobile apps really COVID Because it’s contactless and everything can be done from the backstage haunted kitchen and it’s ready to go.The student just orders, scans the app and the staff hands it over,” Guernsey said. “Originally, there was going to be someone at each counter to take orders, but I don’t think it was such an easy process.

“And the mobile app makes it easy to switch between menus. , in the spring they might have things like lemon and poppy seed bread.

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