The PGA Championship is valued at bringing in $158 million to the state economy in 2022

The 2022 PGA Championship is credited with bringing in about $158 million to the state’s economy.

State leaders said this was due to revenue from more than 60,000 Tulsa-area hotel rooms booked during the championship, as well as tickets, merchandise, food and entertainment.

Lt. Gov. Matt Pinell said Oklahoma is selling well. His PGA Championship in 2022 is proof that tourism is doing well.

“A year from now you’ll say, ‘I came to the PGA and that led to XYZ,'” said Lieutenant Governor Matt Pinnell.

Justin Thomas isn’t the only 2022 PGA Championship winner.

“What’s really cool is that small business owners have been looking forward to this tournament for a year,” says Pinnell.

The Southern Hills Country Club win brought $157.7 million to Oklahoma’s economy, according to Pinnell.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the city when all expectations were exceeded and those expectations were already so high,” Pinel said.

People all over the world were watching.

“I think we’ve shown the world that Oklahoma is not the Dust Bowl. You saw the stunningly beautiful city and state on your TV screen,” Pinnell said. We are already talking to companies.”

SHCC PGA General Chair Jeff Smith said, “This is a labor of love and I am proud to represent Tulsa.

Jeff Smith was the General Chairman of the PGA Tournament Southern Hills. “The words of praise and compliments and thanks, it was very well received,” Smith said.

“Our ancestors here have it in our DNA. This is our eighth major championship,” Smith said.

He said this puts Oklahoma in a promising position to host a major championship in the future.

“We are planning to host the 24th Women’s Amateur USGA event, the Women’s Amateur Championship,” Smith said.

“We are launching Oklahoma Golf Trails this fall. Over the next few decades, golf recreation has the potential to experience some of the strongest growth in the state’s history,” Pinnell said.

“The value the 2022 PGA Championship brings to Tulsa is way The immediate benefits of large room lodging and economic impact are beyond. Hosting this prestigious level of event put Tulsa in the spotlight on the national stage and garnered significant media coverage for athletes both before and after they hit the green. Not only has this cemented our city as a strong sports destination, but it has also helped countless business executives, economic development site selectors, conference and conference planners, and others who would otherwise do business here. It exposed Tulsa to people who might not have thought of doing it. ”

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