The Steelers survived the injury scare as Kam Hayward ended practice early on the final day of training camp.

LATROBE, PA — The scene at the start of the Steelers’ final training camp was picturesque. The fans were enthusiastic, the coaches were in high spirits, and the players seemed to be adding more energy to their steps as they tried to finish camp on a high note.

But Cameron Hayward, the defensive captain, three-time All-Pro and anchor of Pittsburgh’s defensive line, stayed grounded for a while after the third play of the Steelers’ 11-11 seven-shot. When the scene changed temporarily. 11 drill from the 3 yard line. Hayward eventually got up before exiting the field under his own power. He sat on the bench for a good portion of practice before riding off the field in a cart.

Hayward returned to the field after practice and told reporters that he was fine after being evaluated by his trainer. It must have led to a big sigh of relief.

Hayward’s fears aside, after several days of unseasonably cool weather, St. Vincent’s final practice in hot, humid conditions felt like a festive last day of school. and took pictures, signed autographs, and in the case of cornerback Arkelo Witherspoon, threw to a young fan who was running on the sideline near Chuck Noll Field. , took individual and group photos with the many fans who attended on the last day of the camp.

Speaking of practice, here are the main takeaways from Pittsburgh’s final practice from Latrobe.

Offense winning seven shot

As with Seven Shots on Tuesday, the offense overcame an early deficit to beat the defense 4-3. The comeback started with running back Jaylen Warren. His impressive camp gave him a strong case to make a 53-man roster, scoring on an inside run. tied the score to Pat Frey Elms.

The offense didn’t miss a beat when rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett came in on the next play. Pickett hit Anthony McFarland on the bubble screen for the score and connected with Miles Boykin for another score. Rudolph rounded out his shot at seven with an impressive throw to Tyler his Snead.

Mobile QB

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The Steelers have never been shy about their desire to acquire a mobile quarterback for the 2022 NFL Draft. Pittsburgh was looking for a quarterback with enough mobility to extend the play while allowing Matt Canada to extend the offense. The Steelers have found such a quarterback in Pickett. He used that mobility on Thursday to complete his most impressive play of the day.

Pickett stepped into his pocket before striking Christian Blake as TJ Watt dominated practice 11-11. Not long ago, Pickett was at the end of throwing the most impressive play of the day. On his first play after replacing Trubisky, Pickett threw a quick, deep pass in the direction of Gunner Olshewski, who was battling away from a defender. The pass was on the money and Olshevski managed to make a diving catch while crossing the plane of the pylon for the score.

Earlier in the day, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin announced that Pickett would be the second quarterback to play in Saturday’s preseason game against Jacksonville. will replace pickets at some point.

Harvin found the fairway

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It was also good practice for sophomore punter Presley Harbin III, who received raucous applause from the crowd after one of his punts appeared to hit the sun before succumbing to gravity. In addition to working on his craft, Harbin’s new hobby, golf, also helps him look forward to a successful sophomore campaign.

“I think trying to find the same golf swing, and trying to find the same swing on the punt, is the biggest thing that has helped me on the punt,” Harvin told CBS Sports after practice. “By the time you enter a game or course, it’s natural to exercise your muscle memory through practice.

“It’s little things like that off the field that I’ve been trying to bring in to correlate with focus,” continued Harbin. or different.”

Sutton takes time to reflect

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You don’t have to tell Cam Sutton that the NFL stands for “Not For Long.” Sutton is one of his five players remaining in his 2017 squad for the Steelers, his first season in the league. At the time, Sutton was trying to find his niche while playing alongside veterans, including defensive backs like Joe Haden and Mike Mitchell. Sutton is now a senior in the defensive backfield that includes former first-round picks Minka Fitzpatrick and Terrell Edmonds.

“It’s definitely flying,” Sutton told CBS Sports after practice. I want to continue to build relationships with players who play for years to come. It’s special.”

Sutton, who has embraced a leadership role as a veteran player, shared what he feels about the main piece of advice he offers to freshman players.

“The biggest thing is your availability,” he said. “This is one of Mike T’s big slogans: ‘The greatest ability is availability.’ In that, just take care of your body. Not only on the field, but off the field, work and business and surround yourself with good situations and good people in the direction you want to go.”

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