The ultimate holiday shopping guide for fashion enthusiasts

For many, the arrival of summer is cause for celebration, but for chic people like us, it often evokes pure dread. In addition to being Where If you choose to spend the warmer months, it will also determine what you wear while you are there. Maybe this year will be the year you choose to let go, forget the stress of having to spend money on a whole new wardrobe that you’ll only wear three months out of the year and get through it. Because… with what you already have. However, as burdensome and financially debilitating as summer shopping can be, compared to the embarrassment you feel when you’re in Capri wearing the same Pucci headscarf as last year. There is nothing.

So how do we do this heavy lifting? Luckily, no precedents have been set for how to spend the summer. When I’m having a hard time figuring it out, I like to turn to the esoteric individuals I already know from my Christmas and Valentine’s Day gift lists. Wondering what to do? Just ask your spoiled hypebeast brother! Want to know what this season’s bikini looks like? Material Gworl™ has you covered. Trying to find a way to add a touch of chic to a desolate London steakhouse?Your stocky girlboss cousin wants a picnic on Primrose Hill to be more idyllic than her week at Pantelleria. I’m good at making It is wonderful. Well, read on for inspiration on how our favorite fussy fashion fans are spending their summers and what they’ll be wearing this season.


Your Spoiled Hypebeast Siblings: Festival

What could be more exciting than a festival this summer? If unemployed, but from Glastonbury to Primavera, Decmantell to Sustain Release, he somehow found the resources to pitch to every damn person.He managed it, but we’re probably going to need a little help getting the gear to see him through the season – no, it’s not that Kind of gear, but to keep his criminal record clean, the harmless-looking SafeCan is probably a welcome gift. We are talking about clover. Since the Raf Simons bomber, he had just gotten his David Casavant archives from his sale. No Destined to pierce a stranger’s cigarette burn, he needs a practical yet flashy outfit: a Prada Re-Nylon bucket hat, an Arc’teryx Beta AR jacket, and Balenciaga Croc Boots. It doesn’t make much sense when, after months of sleepless nights, the body wearing them is basically a gray-haired corpse. Slip him a small relief pack containing a Chanel concealer stick, hydrating salts, and a few cans of Bella Hadid-backed Kin Euphorics. For real Love him, book an IV and a Barbara Sturm facial, and he’ll be ready to hit the Supreme line in no time.


Material Gworl™ : #Europe

If you’re watching a resort fashion show and wondering who it’s for, the answer is Material Gworl™. biensurIn fact, with her full-look policy, we’d be forgiven for thinking she’s the model in town for a lavish destination show if it weren’t for the fact that it took place two months ago. How she finances her three months spent moving from one hotel room to another for £2,000 a night is a line of inquisition that she deftly fends off. . Let’s be honest, we’re not here to ask questions! Let the girl live out her fantasies — and on our behalf, at for this again petite princess It’s not just Hermès bangles and Pucci scarves. It is no small feat for a porter to pack a suitcase light enough to be carried endlessly from one deck of his yacht to the deck of another. less is more. Louisa Baloo’s swim dress works equally well in the ocean. And if you’re hanging out for the night, the cutouts in Nensi’s Dojaka and Christopher’s Esber gowns create ample room to fit the NuFACE. A toning device and an ample bottle of Shiseido sun cream can last you through October. I am letting you. When Big enough for a Missoni bikini, Attico mules, a mini Gucci Jackie, and perfect for carrying a Vogue menthol and a mini pepper spray. photograph). A modern day her Material Gworl™ must cosplay Mrs O himself.


Your chunky girlboss cousin: Stay Kay

“Certainly Peckham Rye is not Patmos, and Chrysold Park is certainly not Capri, but there is nothing quite like summer in London, I tell you!” yell. You can’t blame them — after all, watching Material Gworl™ fly off on his fourth comp trip to Aman’s resort is going to leave a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth.But to their point, while actually there is not From a midday dip in the River Lee to contracting E. coli, there are plenty of reasons to choose to stay this summer. Not only is flying a miserable environmental choice, we’re looking at you, Miss Swift! But as Kim Jones’ recent homage to the Bloomsbury set’s summer play at Charleston Farmhouse attests well, it’s a British treat. Country core. While Nikki is spending change on her beach high whispering her angel, your astute gal pals are spending that money on an incredibly chic picnic. Think: Loewe’s raffia baskets, Haeckels’ scented candles, Sage’s ikebana-grade flower arrangements, Tillingham pet nut lashings, all backlit by the setting sun on Telegraph Hill — Es Vedrà never could. did!


Bohemian Zadi: Airport Meltdown

It’s pretty tough in any situation when you realize your lover reacts to stressful situations the way your dad does, but it’s especially disappointing when you’re at the airport. Considering your father is exactly the same age, it’s not necessarily surprising. Bigger carry-on (with a power bank of course) was actually too big for easyJet’s infamous meager allowance, only to be told he would have one. Check it in. He grunts at the desperate check-in attendant. “There is a reason why I paid so much for Speedy Boarding because I refused to check my luggage in because I knew I would just lose it! Have you ever been?” You try to soothe him with kind words. And travel insurance! ’, and—noticing puzzled stares from the queue he claimed to beat with a night’s sleep at the airport—he gave in, packed his slightly oversized carry-on onto the conveyor belt, and huffed. rice field. “All the Cadence I bought his travel his capsules for?!” Of course, air travel has always brought the worst to people. Especially so these days. Consider it a hard-earned lesson and get him one of those under-seat bags for anyone circling on TikTok. Next time (if there is one).


Gopecore Boyfriend: Hiking

In this age of Being Real™, it’s time to call out the strutting dudes — if your boo thinks it’s chic to dress like he’s ready for an alpine expedition, see how he It’s the perfect time to see what adventures can bring! Whether hiking across the Carpathian Mountains or trekking across the Arctic grasslands, the first thing he needs is a coat that can withstand more than a British summer shower. Patagonia, as the name suggests, is the gold standard for off-piste adventures, and Iceland’s new name, 66North, is worth a visit. Of course, when night falls on the mountainside, looks won’t get you far – considering it’s almost impossible for him to actually start a fire, this chic foldable from Japanese brand Snow Peak The grill makes sure you are at least halfway through. A hot meal when you find a place to settle down for the night. Frankly, if shelter is involved, why should you invest in a tent when you can repurpose one of the early Craig Greene show pieces that Craig Greene knocked in the archives And remember, make sure he packs some cleansers because he’s not a high enough mountain to start life like a mountain man.Pharrell’s Humanrace The Riemann P20 SPF does a stunning rice powder that makes it lightweight and portable.

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