The United States has announced an $80 million commitment to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization to improve food security and nutrition for vulnerable release

Today, the United States, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is pledging to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) an 8,000-dollar grant to improve food security and nutrition for Afghans, including women, who face severe food insecurity. announced a $1 million commitment. main households, and small farmers and nomads.

With this support, USAID will help Afghan farmers increase the production of nutritious food using environmentally sustainable practices and increase the availability of quality seeds and other agricultural inputs. We support. The funds will also support climate and economic growth by promoting agricultural best practices, including through crop diversification and support for small food producers, women, family farmers, pastoralists and fishermen. Improve the resilience of smallholder farmers to shocks. This support will also benefit Afghan small-scale agribusinesses, help ensure sustainable food production systems, and improve food security and nutrition for vulnerable Afghan families.

Since August 2021, USAID has focused on addressing high levels of hunger caused by the economic collapse and exacerbated by years of drought and crop failures. The funding builds on her more than $775 million in humanitarian aid that the United States has provided to help the people of Afghanistan since last August. Despite the Taliban takeover, USAID agricultural programs continue to benefit thousands of Afghan farmers, including women, in 227 communities in Salepur, Jawzjan, Khorst and Nangarhar provinces.

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