The University of Tulsa now offers classes for a real estate degree

TU students interested in investing in real estate can now take classes and graduate with a degree.

Jackson McKinney is a Finance and Accounting student at TU.

He said he wanted to keep real estate a minor because business and real estate go hand in hand.

“The reason I’m considering going into real estate is because it’s a highly visible sector of the financial markets,” McKinney said. you live in a community. ”

Professor Meagan McCollum said many TU alumni invested in real estate after graduation and hoped these classes would help more students do that.

“A few years ago, we started researching where some of our TU graduates ended their careers. Many of them pursued careers in real estate. For future students, they are a more direct path to the industry many of our alumni have found success in.”

They hope the new degree program will give TU students an advantage if they decide to buy or sell real estate.

Commercial real estate agent Julie Buxton, a member of the program’s advisory board, said: A class, a real estate class, gives a little edge to students without that background coming out of school and into the industry. ”

Buxton says the program helps both students and mentors.

“This is a great opportunity for TU students and also a great opportunity for the community to participate in this particular program as mentors, a win-win for both parties,” Buxton said.

McKinney hopes the degree will help him get to know the Tulsa market and the people who work there.

“I think real estate miners are a great opportunity to get involved in the Tulsa real estate market community, meet everyone there, and learn all the different facets,” McKinney said.

Although the degree is open to all TU students, some students who are not affiliated with Collins College of Business may be required to complete additional prerequisites.

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