The Virginia Beach City Council has approved a real estate company’s plan to build on a ‘concrete pile’ off Interstate 264.

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — The Virginia Beach City Council voted to approve a local real estate developer’s plan to build on a concrete pile off Witchduck Road in Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Beach City Council unanimously (11 to 0) on Tuesday approved Breeden Company’s $100 million project to build 438 apartments at the site.

The Breeden Company produced a promotional video showcasing their “122 Mac” project. The development’s address is 122 Mack Street, and the video is heavy with aerial shots of the concrete pile and what the site looks like now in the new story.

The project will build 438 apartments in six buildings.

Since the summer of 2019, 10 On Your Side has reported on a pile of concrete near the Witchduck Road exit off Interstate 264 in Virginia Beach. At the time, the pile of concrete was about 60 feet high.

of City of Virginia Beach took property owner Mark Calcarni to court Force him to move a pile of rubble.

In February of this year, 10 On Your Side spoke with Calcagni spokesman John Mamoudis to see the crew working to remove the piles.

“The particular project you’re looking at right now demonstrates our intention to do the right thing, be a good corporate citizen, and contribute as much as we can,” he said of progress as the dump truck chipped away at a pile of concrete. Pointing out, Mamoudis said. “We’re removing the piles, but people don’t like it, so we’re trying to follow the direction of city officials.”

At the time, Mamoudis told 10 On Your Side that the mountain should be completely gone in six months.

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