“They see the talent they have.” Blind children at Camp Helen Keller perform at the Tires Center

A special summer camp on Long Island marked the final day of the season with a show for visually impaired children.

The kids from Camp Helen Keller took center stage at the Tires Center in Old Brookville on Friday.

For over 65 years, this camp has encouraged visually impaired children to focus on their abilities. Campers participate in traditional activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, and music classes on the Long Island University campus.

Its main goal is to help campers build self-esteem and build long-lasting friendships.

Sue Luzensky, CEO of Helen Keller Services, said: “They put a smile on their faces, created new friendships with their colleagues and gained confidence in who they are. increase.

Jennifer Gallagher, whose two daughters have attended the camp for several years, said the experience gave her children a sense of community.

“For my kids, they’re the only blind people in school,” Gallagher says. “Here, they’re just like everyone else. They’ve joined in with everybody. They’re all going through the same experience.”

Attendees can attend for free through donations and state grants.

Participating students say the experience is great for getting rid of anxiety.

Freeport’s Annie Gallagher said, “I’m grateful to camp for helping me build confidence and ease my fear of fighting.”

A total of 35 children attended camp this summer from Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties.

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