This is how teachers are preparing their classrooms for the new school year.

Back to school, we always think about getting our kids ready, but what about teachers getting their classrooms ready? news 12 I went to Barnegat and checked with the 5th and 6th grade teachers.

“Welcome to my classroom,” says Mrs. Dancer. “I want them to feel loved and welcomed. It’s a safe and comfortable place for them to enjoy. I want them to feel good when they walk into my room.” I want to.”

Mrs. Dancer welcomes 6th grade science students with colorful handmade quotes, LED lights and a pet bearded dragon.

“We wanted to create a comfortable and calm environment,” says Mrs. Germano.

A warm welcome in Mrs. Germano’s room. She is a guidance counselor.

“Looking down the hallway, everything is shiny and shiny. It’s a New Year’s promise for teachers and educators to have bright hopes and dreams before their children start school,” says Principal Saxton.

Principal Saxton of Horbelt Intermediate School is particularly proud of the teachers over the last few years.

“To be honest, what I am most proud of about them is that it hit them hard,” says Principal Saxton. “It was emotionally exhausting, but it was a long time that the teachers were here for the children.”

Mrs. Selk and Mrs. Brown are ready for the new school year. Mr. Warsham, a social studies teacher, is also ready for his students to call their room home.

“They feel at home and feel comfortable,” says Worsham. “I get anxious when I get to sixth grade because class after class changes. So I welcome them, welcome them.”

The principal says that with so many missed opportunities over the past few years and with more restrictions being eased, this year’s students will really focus on relationships and socializing.

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