This New Jersey town is one of America’s next great food cities, says national site

A prominent national food site has named a New Jersey town one of the nation’s next great food cities. But for those who’ve paid attention to Garden State food over the past decade, there’s nothing “next” about it.

Food and Wine recently wrote the following list of 11 great food cities. Jersey City, arguably the heart of New Jersey’s food scene, was chosen.

Jersey City’s huge Asian and Indian populations make up a quarter of its residents (one of the highest percentages in the country), and the food scene showcases a medley of delicious dishes. First-generation Filipino-American families go grocery shopping for warm, fluffy pandesals (popular rolls in the Philippines) and caramel-layered mocha cakes from Philippine Bread House. increase. Cheese and butter from Red Ribbon Bakeshop. Newark, the center of the South Asian community, his avenue is dotted with Indian and Pakistani restaurants. You can’t go wrong here, but one of his local favorites is Rasoi, his 25-year-old restaurant known for its rich, spicy Punjabi dishes. Also on Eat Street is hometown hero chef Claude Lewis’ restaurant, Freetown Road Project. Chopped Champion ties Antigua and West Indian roots to his hometown. They serve a variety of dishes, from curried chicken, a luscious stew served with piping hot, flaky roti, to slabs of rich mango bread drenched in mango jam with whipped cayenne cream and cheese. increase. to spread.

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