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One of the things I enjoyed about the original Game of Thrones was that it tricked a lot of viewers into telling them about power and politics before it was revealed to be a silly rant about dragons and zombies. It made me think it was a show. This allowed me to stand in people’s yards and shout “Otaku!” On Game of Thrones days, they couldn’t do anything about it. They were geeks now, and everyone knew it.

House of the Dragon (Sky Atlantic and Now) becomes a full dragon in Episode 1. Within minutes, someone is riding his big magical CGI sky lizard over CGI King’s Landing, Westeros’s version of Dalkey (also his CGI). The orchestral theme tune is “Dragon Show! This is the Dragon Show! And you’re a geek! Otaku watching the Dragon Show! Let’s go on a quest!” (In the original, “Who wins… Game of Thrones? The best… in Game of Thrones. Many are skilled… in Game of Thrones! But who wins?” Is it the best?”? … maybe you?”).

Game of Thrones sets itself apart from the likes of Dungeons & Dragons by hiding supernatural elements behind randomly naked women, unwarranted hyper-violence, and dull, detailed councils. (I learned a lot about feudal city management from Game of Thrones, so now I can deal with Dublin. I have an opinion on newspapers and jazz. House of the Dragon is clearly nothing more than a steamier late-night variation of the genre’s fantasy. NightIt’s an otaku program for otaku, and you can become an otaku just by reading it.

The whole story would have taken a different turn if Viserys had replaced the Iron Throne with a proper ergonomically designed office chair.If he continues his telecommuting, he really needs to get himself a proper small home office setup

Hello fellow geeks! It takes place 172 years before the events of Game of Thrones and delves into the genealogy of that show’s favorite incest shampoo model, the Targaryen family, one of their ancestors King Viserys (Padiconsidain). ) sits on an incredibly uncomfortable Iron Throne. The plot established in this episode is that Viserys is actually amputated as he sits, and will likely die from his wounds.

This is hilarious, to be fair. If I were a writer for House of the Dragons, I would play this to make me laugh more and make Viserys say “ouch” more often or “Let’s have a standup meeting this morning” or ” Hello, what a lovely day. Let’s hold this council session outside.” or “Does anyone have a cushion?” The whole story would have gone a different direction if replaced. If he continues to work from his home, he really needs to set up a proper little home office for himself, certainly HR has a role to play in this. Full disclosure: I’m writing in bed and it’s doing wonders for my back.

Viserys’ closest relatives include Damon (Matt Smith), the shit brother who is in charge of the city’s security, and his daughter, Princess Laenira, who pilots the “Great Worm”, a CGI dragon. (Millie Alcock). before she started dating her more ladylike friend Aricent. Yes, her name is “Alice” with “nt” at the end. And yes, they spell “wyrm” with “y”. Names and nouns in the world of Game of Thrones always look a bit like words you might encounter in our world, but with a magical, old-fashioned spelling. This is historically accurate. Ask a historian who specializes in places that never existed. For example, if I was on this show, I would be called Patrick and I would write for the newspaper.

Anyway, Viserys’ wife, Aemma, is pregnant and wants her baby to be fine. Viserys also has a large joust and rumors of a pirate fleet at sea. He’s a busy king on the go, trying to juggle his work and family. Oh, how I wish he had a decent office chair with decent lumbar support and good swivel action!

My favorite characters are the two naked extras who pause the sex simulation to hear Matt Smith give an evil speech in a crowded brothel. I am fascinated by this detail. “Hmm, this evil speech is very attractive”

Expect an entire series set in Office Wyrld, but Smith has his guards buzzing around town and before you can say ‘Don’t show it’, someone has his change cut off. The camera sticks so sharply to the bloody results that I think the penis would be an exciting protagonist.Jon Snow in this program.(They could have done it with a doll.) But not so much. It’s all happening to people we’ve barely met, and it feels excessive and uncomfortable.

By the end of the episode, there’s a sick and bereaved king, an anointed heir, a disgruntled heir-wannabe, and a CGI dragon who behaves like a docile Scooby-Doo-style sidekick. -roh’ should be said. What we don’t have is Game of Thrones’ geographical and character range. , whose scope made the story seem huge and exciting. It’s all about dragons and kings and takes place mostly in palaces. It also carries less emotional weight because there are no real underdogs (yet). It’s a show about politicians and the real estate they feel entitled to.

That being said, we’re seeing things we’ve never seen before. My favorite characters are the two naked extras who pause the sex simulation to listen closely to Smith giving a bad speech in a crowded brothel. . “Hmm, this wicked speech is so tempting,” their makeshift fuck pose seems to say, close-up of their faces to see if they’re nodding with interest. I wish there was a close up shot. If you’re the type of person who would have sex in the middle of a crowded room, you might be the type of person who would stop halfway through if Smith was giving a funny speech nearby. ’ I imagine them saying. “Then let’s keep riding.” Either way, I’ve never seen a situation like this in art before. In my view, Matt Smith’s villainous speech to listen to Naked Extra Midcoital is the breakout star of 2022. Perhaps it’s them. Ascend to the Iron Throne. If so, they recommend putting on some pants.

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