‘This was fashion, fashion, fashion!’ – Serena Williams recalls memories with Venus Williams after announcing retirement

Serena Williams is no stranger to making headlines.Over the years, the American sensation has been in the news for her success on and off the court. But yesterday, August 9, her 23-time Grand Slam champion headlined perhaps the biggest and saddest announcement of her career. Retired from tennis! !

Following the heartbreaking news to fans, Serena went back in time and cherished a special moment with her sister Venus Williams. posted a video. In the video, the former World No. 1 talked about her first ever photoshoot with her sister Venus for her famous magazine.


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Serena Williams recalls her first Vogue photoshoot with Venus Williams

Serena has been obsessed with fashion since the beginning of her career, as well as tennis. As she entered the glamorous video, Selina began with her admission. “This was fashion, fashion, fashion!”

In a video, the magazine, which was first published in 1892, showed Serena a photo of her with her sister Venus. With her pink dress and golden watch, Serena glitters, “This was the first shoot I did for Vogue, at Venus.”

The photo dates back to May 1998. It was a time when the Williams sisters were steadily building their path to becoming two of the greatest players of all time. Moving forward in the video, Selina elaborated: “You can see we were very young. We had beads and we were still young.”

A fashionista, Selena always thought of major fashion designers. She was no exception in filming. Detailing the black and white striped dress, she said: “This is Carolina Herrera. Beautiful gown.”

Recalling the shoot, Serena concluded: “It was such an amazing moment. I remember being so excited to shoot for Vogue. It was so cool.

selena wedding photo


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Aside from her photo with Venus, the video also included Serena detailing photos from her wedding with Alexis Ohanian. “This is my wedding picture. I got married.” she said.

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Reddit co-founders Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams attend the HBO New York Premiere of ‘Being Serena’ at Time Warner Center in New York City on April 25, 2018. (Photo credit: ANGELA WEISS/AFP)

As we mentioned before, Selena has always leaned towards major fashion designers. When I explained the details of her wedding dress, she said, “I wore this insane Alexander McQueen dress.” “I’ve gone through a phase where I love cloaks. Sarah made this amazing cloak for me.” she added.


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Like Selena, her fans also enjoyed the memory walk. But despite the engaging video, it couldn’t cover up the 40-year-old’s upsetting announcement. Serena, who currently plays in the Rogers Cup, is expected to pick her racket last at the 2022 US Open.

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