TikTok star Noah Beck explains why he didn’t attend girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio’s 21st birthday party in Las Vegas

  • Noah Beck has explained why he didn’t attend Dixie D’Amelio’s 21st birthday celebration in Las Vegas.
  • In a lengthy statement posted to Twitter on August 11, Beck said he was unable to attend due to work.

Noah Beck has silenced rumors that he and longtime girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio have broken up after missing her birthday celebration in Las Vegas last week.

D’Amelio celebrated his 21st birthday with his 18-year-old sister and TikTok buddy Charlie D’Amelio. her sister’s boyfriend, Landon Barker; Other guests including her parents. However, her boyfriend Beck, who has been dating for nearly two years, was not in attendance.

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His absence has led some to speculate that The pair broke up.

But on Thursday, Beck shared a screenshot of a written statement in the Notes app, claiming work was to blame.

It read, “Work prevented me from participating in the fun in Vegas.” “There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that makes everything else possible.”

In the days leading up to D’Amelio’s birthday, Beck appeared to be attending the Major League Soccer All-Star Game in Minneapolis.

In the same Notes app tweet, Beck apparently attacked his followers for attacking D’Amelio. “You guys[Noah’s country/Vextor/or anyone who supports me]know how much you mean to me, but I have to stop being disrespectful to the people I love.” Hmm…”

“I can’t sit still while it’s going on,” he continued.

“As consumers of our content, please stop assuming the worst between us. The invisible communication between us is what makes our bond stronger.”

Later in the day, a few hours before D’Amelio’s birthday, Beck tweeted again To his million Twitter followers: It’s almost her day… let her feel the love she deserves.

The social media personality has previously spoken out about their decision to keep their relationship private and offline.

“In a way, it’s not like we’re doing it for our fans, we’re just enjoying our time together,” Beck told E! News at New York Fashion Week in February. “We do it for each other. That’s all.”

D’Amelio appeared on BFF’s podcast in May, saying, “We’ve decided to completely disconnect our relationship from the internet. Whether we’re together or not,” D’Amelio said. I don’t post, I don’t like commenting on each other’s posts because it is… the more I do it the more people are like ‘oh my god I didn’t like each other’s post’ Become. As I post today, they’re breaking up,” and it’s very draining.

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